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What do all Olympic gold medalists have in common?

Each one had a coach! So did Wayne Gretzky and Michael Jordan. Was this because they were not motivated or capable enough? No! They all had coaches to enable them to perform their best, and to assist them in becoming truly “world class”.

You are as valuable as they are. You can accelerate your progress, both in your career and your personal life, with the right kind of support: a life coach. A life coach is on your team and is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.


What do successful executives such as Walt Disney and Bill Gates have in common?

Obviously, they were enormously successful! However, they did not build their enterprises on their own. Rather, they surrounded themselves with excellent people. They attracted others to work with them, to achieve their dreams.

Can you imagine the increase in your business success if you had the help of a seasoned executive and business advisor devoted to helping you achieve your personal best?



A good coach helps by probing, and by asking the key questions that will help you to uncover the answers you need. Through this process of self-discovery you will be able to clarify your dreams, formulate a plan of action, and have the kind of support you need as you build towards your success.


David has over two decades of business experience working in large and small corporations. He can walk alongside you in your career, helping you to save time, reduce frustration and enhance your success.

Some of David's clients look to him as a sounding board and a supportive colleague; others take advantage of his extensive business experience and his specific advice. David is more than just a coach, he can also be a mentor and an advisor if you choose.


David offers a unique blend of coaching, mentoring and consulting. You can design the kind of relationship which suits your priorities and your emphasis. With a mentor, you will have someone who is dedicated to helping you achieve your best!


As a three time World Water Ski Champion I have had my share of success and pressure and thought I could handle almost anything that life threw in my path, but a recent family crisis knocked me off my feet. David came to the rescue with his insightful personal coaching, and I was able to turn this whole drama into an uplifting experience that has made me a much more compassionate and better person.”

- George Athans Jr.
Member of the Order of Canada

Working with David is one of the best decisions I have made both for my personal and professional growth. His extensive life experiences have helped provide me the structure and skills to be proactive and more focused in achieving my personal goals.  His coaching style is motivational, insightful, and sensitive; he has the ability to help you find the answers to the tough questions so many of us want to avoid.  I would highly recommend David to anyone who is ready to get more from their life.”

-Dale Bosa
Vice President, Bosa Properties

“When I began my coaching relationship with David, I had 2 significant goals which I wanted help with. Working together, over a 3-month period, David substantially assisted me in successfully achieving both of these. As a coach, I found him to be extremely professional, insightful, and beneficial. I also appreciated his thoughtful demeanour, and his heartfelt sharing from his personal and professional experience.”

-Samantha Legge Stollery, MBA
Director of Marketing & Circulation
Canada Wide Magazines & Communications

Success is not just about the right strategy, it is about being the right person.
David C. Bentall - Next Step Advisors


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