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If you want practical, real world help with issues in your family business, contact Next Step Advisors. Next Step Advisors can assist families in business to identify and resolve their problems before they become unmanageable. David C. Bentall has the relevant expertise and experience to help. He can assist you with the most critical elements involved in managing the succession of a business from one generation to the next, including:

  • Establishing a family council, and facilitating regular family meetings.
  • Creating your first strategic plan, or updating your existing one.
  • Recruiting a board of directors, which includes competent, independent advisors.

All too often, families flounder as they grapple with succession related issues because they have not found an independent, knowledgeable family business advisor who can help them navigate through the myriad of issues they are facing. Newspaper headlines have chronicled the many tragic failures that have occurred when families have been unable to find amicable solutions to their situations. This need not be the case… there are answers, and Next Step Advisors can help you find them.

Next Step Advisors has worked in collaboration with the following organizations:

  • The Business Families Centre at the University of British Columbia
  • The Family Business Consulting Group in Atlanta, Georgia
  • The Canadian Association of Family Enterprise
  • The Business Families Foundation

Most advisors to Family Business come from either an academic background or a professional role
(legal, tax, accounting, etc.). In contrast, David has experienced both the best and the worst family business has to offer…firsthand!

David C. Bentall, the Founder of Next Step, is therefore a unique resource. Not only has he lived and worked in a family business for 20 years, he has experienced succession personally three times, each from a radically different perspective. His story is truly remarkable!

As a result, Mr. Bentall brings three decades of relevant experience and a fresh, insightful approach to resolving issues.  If you'd like to know more, contact Next Step Advisors.  Our e-mail address is


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